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Frau, die sich ein Webinar an ihrem Laptop anhört

Empowering webinars for women

In our women's health webinars you will learn everything about empowerment through Wanna be Supplements. No more PMS or menopause symptoms! Get valuable tips from us – we’ll be happy to help you!

Discover the power of webinars for women and empower yourself! At Wanna be Supplements, a company dedicated to women's empowerment, we offer vegan nutritional supplements specifically designed for women. But that's not all - our current webinars are just right for you if you are looking for more knowledge and clear tips on how to best deal with PMS, menopause or a bloated stomach.

Our webinars are led by subject matter experts, including our founder Dr. Melanie Thes. In these interactive online seminars they share their in-depth knowledge and give you valuable advice. You can look forward to a duration of around 60 to 90 minutes in which you will receive all the important information.

The best part? Our webinars are specifically tailored to the needs of women and offer you help to help yourself. You will learn proven strategies and get clear tips on how best to deal with the challenges of the female body.

The price per webinar is just €29.90 - an unbeatable offer for the invaluable knowledge and expertise of our speakers. So, what are you waiting for? Strengthen yourself and register for our webinars today!

More knowledge about women's health?

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